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Flicker Blue 8: Sentinel

Months after her pursuit for the Book, Jane Thomas Sylfaen attempts to resume her normal--albeit Accursed--teenage life...but enemies abound in the shadows. When the adventures she's left behind land on her doorstep and threaten her human friends and family, Jane turns to an unlikely protector.


Sophie Olds has spent her entire life juggling her love for the farming commune she calls home and her desire for independence in the "real world."IBut she is put to the test when, after following a mysterious stranger home, she is forced to find balance between the realms of the living and the dead. Don't miss this dark, romantic retelling of the Persephone myth from the author of the Flicker Blue novellas!m

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Love the connection between Sophie and Damon! It makes you ache for love like that.

Amazon Review

I gotta say I loved this story. Interesting characters in a dark but fascinating world. A love story with a twist.

Amazon Review


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